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peanut satay ramen

Spicy Peanut Satay Ramen, a big steaming bowl of slurpy noodles in the middle of winter is just about one of the best comfort foods!

There’s no need for takeout when you can make it better at home. Especially when it’s super simple and fast to whip up any night of the week! I love the creamy peanut butter taste and the warm spices of the chili oil combined in this dish, as a matter of fact I love it so much I’d rather enjoy planting my face in a bowl of this ramen than go to the local ramen restaurant near me! I know a recipe is a really good one when it’s better than any restaurant’s version of it that I’ve had anywhere.

You can make it as spicy as you want by putting as much or as little chili oil as you dare…and this recipe makes two large bowls of ramen, which could easily be divided up into 4 servings. But let’s face it…you’re gonna want a large bowl to slurp all to yourself!

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thai chicken and baby cOrn sOup

Heat things up this Valentine’s Day since it’s bitter cold outside with this spicy corn soup!

Don’t like it hot? No problem, just remove the seeds and membranes from the serrano pepper or omit it all together…but if you really like it hot just add another pepper.

I absolutely love finding new and exciting soup recipes (or old recipes) and revamping them and experimenting with the ingredients…I’m always on the lookout for unique soups to try out. I’ve adapted this recipe from an old Homestyle Chicken cookbook I have to my tastes and I love it…a unique soup to add to my collection to make again and again!!

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chicken and vegetable sOup

Breakaway from the traditional chicken noodle soup and try my newest recipe that is full of fresh veggies and tender chicken, and bonus…it’s dairy-free!

It’s officially freezing outside…to the point that my pups need little booties to go out to do their business. The cold seems to seep into your bones and you just can’t get warm enough. The only way to remedy that is to make a steamy homemade soup. I’m talking of making the stock and all from scratch!

Not only will you get more depth of flavor by making your own stock but you will warm up the kitchen. Each spoonful you eat will slowly unthaw you from the inside out…so try this new chicken and veggie soup and keep out the cold.

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thai cOcOnut curry with rice nOOdles

Craving some spicy Thai takeout?? Me too, so I made it myself at home…and you won’t believe how easy and delicious it is!!

With the pandemic still going strong here, I try to spice up our weeknight meals to keep us from getting into a rut or becoming stir crazy and bored. And, why not travel the world through your tastebuds when you can’t physically travel?

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prOven├žal vegetable sOup

This vegetable soup is full of flavor with fresh herbs that complement the homemade pea broth. It’s hearty and warms you from the inside out…perfect for fall and even winter months.

Move aside Italian pesto…French pistou is the new favorite under our roof! Seriously, we ate spoonfuls of it…the difference between pesto vs. pistou is that pistou is made with equal parts of basil and cheese combined with olive oil and garlic where pesto contains nuts….it’s a simpler version of pesto but in my opinion much tastier!
I first came across pistou making vegetable soup but it was such a hit that I can see myself adding it to all different dishes….more to come!

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beanless beef chili

Tyler Florence is an amazing chef, and is known to have a really good chili recipe among many other dishes…this is my variation on his chili with a few of my own changes and additions. I kicked up the spice with more chipotle peppers and added roasted red peppers to deepen the flavor as well as changing up the spices to make it my own.

I love taking an already good recipe and changing the flavors to create something different…especially when the result is a success!

For everyone out there that likes beans but they don’t like you…this is your chili!

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