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halibut fra diavOlO

Fra Diavolo means “Brother Devil” in Italian.

In America diavolo sauce is generally used with shrimp or lobster but fish pairs extremely well with it. We’ve tried it with halibut and cod, both were very good. You can use any mild fish you choose…I just love halibut.

I love spicy food so this was immediately a favorite of mine.

I first fell in love with diavolo sauce in Denver on a pizza, and discovered Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe for shrimp fra diavolo but my husband doesn’t like shrimp so I made an adjustment and came up with this recipe which is now a go to. Seriously, I want to try diavolo sauce on everything! lol

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brOiled halibut steaks

Whenever I go to Alaska to visit my family I always try to make a stop at the Sourdough Mining Company to get their broiled halibut steaks… hold on…I have to go wipe the drool off my chin just from thinking about it…

The way they broil and season the halibut steaks is perfect, and to call them steaks is no lie. They are thick and meaty like any beef steak but so much better for you. I would take broiled halibut any day over fried fish & chips.

They also have these amazing corn fritters that taste of honey with large sweet bursting corn throughout each bite- they are the best I’ve had anywhere. If you are ever in Anchorage make a stop at the Sourdough Mining Company and order some. You won’t be disappointed!

This is my take on their broiled halibut steaks that literally take 6 minutes to cook.

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brOiled halibut tacOs

My freshman year of high school my family and I moved to Alaska.

We drove for 6 days straight in a tiny white four-door Chevy Blazer with a small U-haul trailer attached to the back containing just the essentials for five people. When we finally got to Anchorage we didn’t have a place to live so we stayed in a tent at a campsite for close to a month. This is probably why I don’t much care to go camping as an adult.

While driving halfway across the globe was not fun sitting crammed in the backseat with 2 of my younger brothers, and going to a new school in such a foreign place trying to find new friends was difficult…we did have some good times and it was an adventure to remember.

My dad loves to hunt and fish, and while I never got into hunting I did like going fishing, especially in Alaska where you don’t have to sit and wait for a fish to bite for hours…you just cast and a few seconds later you catch something…and something big! I remember one year we went on a halibut fishing trip in Homer, Alaska out on the Pacific on a charter boat with another group of guys and I caught one of the biggest halibut that anyone caught on the boat that day. My dad had to help me as I struggled to reel in a 130 lbs halibut that seemed to take forever! I don’t like to eat a lot of fish, mainly if it has a strong fishy taste…but the halibut we caught was perfect. 

Halibut is a boneless, ultra-lean and mild flatfish that is very versatile and tastes different every way you cook it. It is called “Poor Man’s Lobster” because if you boil it and dip it in melted butter it tastes like lobster, deep fry it and it tastes like cod…it takes on all different tastes with every way you cook it. It is a very meaty and filling fish. My favorite way to eat it is blackened and broiled, so I decided to broil the fish and make some tacos with it…give it a try and see what you think! 

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