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grilled chicken sandwich with chimichurri mayO and candied bacOn

Cook your way through the hot summer days with this chicken sandwich! Grilled chicken with a Peruvian style seasoning smeared with a spicy chimichurri mayonnaise. Layered with candied bacon, avocado, red onion, and spinach loaded onto a grilled potato bun.

It’s not your average chicken sandwich but totally a backyard bbq showstopper! Now all you need is some kind of fantastic drink to wash it all down…so what are you waiting for?? Go check out all the yummy cocktail recipes I have made and find your perfect match for this sandwich and enjoy!

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beef strOganOff melt

Grief is a funny thing…

It comes in waves of being unbearable and not feeling a single thing at other times. It’s a juggling act of when and how to allow the pain and memories to flood your mind. Sometimes it’s uncontrollable and sometimes you can steer through the deep floods of emotions that lurk beneath the surface of the mind. 

I very recently lost my grandfather expectantly and have been trying to cope with the loss. I’ve had more experience with death in my life than I care to have had…and knowing it’s a part of life doesn’t make it easier. Knowing my grandfather lived a full and happy life does make it bearable a little.

At times I am numb and don’t feel anything, like the event, didn’t affect me at all. Then it all crashes down on me and I cry and get angry at different things…I tell myself I should have done so much more with my papa, visited him more…but I realize these are all the steps to grieving and it’s normal and good to feel all of these including feeling numb. It’s a self-defense measure that doesn’t allow you to feel the whole impact of the loss at once.

I’ve found that allowing myself to remember things that we shared to be helpful…like food. Meals that we shared, special recipes I first had with him or weird dishes we both enjoyed like grilled peanut butter and onion sandwiches. Sitting with my grandmother and remembering the things he didn’t like and sharing recipes that were his favorites. It’s the things like these that make it bearable. 

Like this recipe- my first time having this beef stroganoff melt was at Sunday dinner over my grandparents. Of course, my grandpa didn’t like the green peppers so he got a slice without them. Making this recipe has always made me think of him and I’ll always have that memory tied to this dish…and that is beautiful. These types of recipes are my favorites- the ones that are sprinkled with a loving memory.

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patty melt

A good patty melt is the product of several different foods combined into one mouthwatering sandwich.

Imagine the buttery and crispy toast from a grilled cheese, the chuck from a good burger and the onions from French onion soup, then slap some Muenster and Mozzarella cheese on it…now tell me you’re not drooling!

The key to making this sandwich ooze with gooey cheese is combining the Muenster and Mozzarella Cheeses. Muenster is a soft cheese that melts quickly and stays melty while you are eating the sandwich so you get that stringy cheese when you take a bite.

Instead of those old plain hamburgers, you regularly make, give this a try…this may just become a regular meal. 

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