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crispy hOt hOney chicken salad with creamy avOcadO ranch

Crispy chicken tenders breaded with cornflakes and baked then drizzled with hot honey. Tossed together with fresh greens, crumbled feta, cucumbers and herbs dressed with a creamy avocado ranch.

Does anyone else have a New Years resolution to eat healthier? I am a firm believer in “everything in moderation”. So, along with my sweet treats I eat a lot of healthy foods, and I love a good salad. The trick is to make sure they aren’t boring.

With a little inspiration from the Half Baked Harvest’s blog with their Baked Crunchy Hot Honey Chicken , this salad is just in time to start the New Year off right! Since the chicken is baked with a cornflake crust you get that satisfaction of the crispy chicken without the guilt of frying, and they taste amazing!

What other resolutions do you have to start the year off right?

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fruit salad with lemOn and hOney dressing

Spring is here and the tastes of summer are right around the corner.

The light and fresh taste of this fruit salad are exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if pineapples are ripe or not, so here are a few tips to remember when selecting your fruit at the market:

Smell: Find the perfect pineapple for this salad and the flavors will explode! Don’t go for the canned pineapple but rather a nice juicy fresh one. The scent is the most important aspect of choosing the right pineapple…the bottom end of the fruit should have the distinctive “pineapple” scent if it has no smell it is not yet ripe. If it smells overly sweet or fermented then it is probably overripe and you wouldn’t want to chose that one. 

Sight: A pineapple should not be all green or all brown. The coloration at the bottom should be yellow and be greener at the top and have healthy green leaves. 

Feel: The perfect pineapple should be heavy and solid with a slight give when you squeeze it but not be soft.

Truly the only one you need to worry about is the smell here….it’s never let me down…if it smells good then you 99% of the time have a good pineapple. I smell all the fruits and vegetables that I buy to tell the freshness….including a bag of potatoes! Your sense of smell will never fail you in this case!

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