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dOuble dark chOcOlate cream pie

Thanksgiving this year is very un-traditional…so why not try an un-traditional pie this year?

Keep the pumpkin pie for next Thanksgiving and go a little more indulgent for this one. Or perhaps this will be your new holiday go-to pie?? The best part is that you can eat this whole pie yourself and not have to share it…so take as big of a slice as you want lol. Quarantine pie never tasted so good!!

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caribbean truffle pie

Let’s face it…cake for your birthday is so yesterday, so in our house we “choose your dessert” for a birthday treat. It could be something we haven’t had in awhile and are craving or something new. Cake for every birthday just gets boring…we like to spice it up a bit.

My mother in law always wants me to make her this Caribbean Truffle Pie that I found on Pinterest from tasteandtellblog. I did a little test on this recipe with a pie crust from the Barefoot Contessa herself.

She’s asked for it for several years in a row since I first made it…I don’t even have to ask her what birthday treat she wants anymore! lol

Winner! This wasn’t too tangy or too sweet…perfectly in the middle with a slight coconut twist with the streusel topping.

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deep dish strawberry rhubarb pie with streusel tOpping

Rhubarb stirs up memories of my grandparents.

Whether it’s just seeing it on a shelf at the market or used in a recipe like strawberry rhubarb jam, pies, or syrups. I think of running around playing tag with my siblings or my cousins at my grandma and grandpa’s house. 

They had a large rhubarb plant on the backside of their house and I can remember as little kids me and my sister plucking a stalk and making fun of each other as we would make sour faces from the tartness of it as we ate it.

I also remember watching my grandma make strawberry rhubarb pie..she would stand over the stove stirring a pot with the most pleasant sweet and sour smells wafting from it. I recall following her around and watching her techniques and mannerisms when she would cook. The way her hands moved as she used a paring knife to cut the berries…the way her brow furrowed when she would concentrate…how she would tilt the lid on a pan to vent it, or just the way she handled a spoon the way that only grandma did while stirring. The smell of the pie coming from the oven and the long wait of it cooling afterward always seemed so long… When grandpa would finally get his slice of pie he would get the biggest grin on his face and make his eyes bulge in an accentuated manner that would make us kids laugh. I would always sneak a peek at grandpa enjoying his slice of pie while I ate my own, after all, if grandpa liked something it had to be good!

Almost every childhood memory starts with grandma and grandpa because we lived right next door.

To this day I still sit with my grandma and go over recipes, sharing ideas back and forth and recommending good cookbooks to each other.

Just looking at rhubarb, tasting it, or smelling it brings back those precious memories from the past.

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key lime pie

Want something sweet yet tart at the same time?

This key lime pie is the perfect combination. White chocolate chips give the sweet little something along with the sweetened whipped cream that compliments the lime flavor.

When I crave pie I crave one’s like this…where the fresh citrus flavors that burst in your mouth and tickle the edge of your tongue. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional pies like apple, but give me one of these and I can eat the whole pie myself! The next time you have to make a pie for a get together make this one instead of the boring ones you normally make…or buy. No store bought pie can compare with a homemade one…and bonus, this one is extremely easy to make! 

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mOunds Of jOy pie

Need a dessert where you don’t have to turn on the oven?

Me too! Not only is summer coming and it’s nice to not to have to reach into a hot oven but my stove recently has started to die on me. I’m currently trying to decide which stove is right for me before I make the big purchase. The burners on my stove work fine but the temperature in the oven has become 75 degrees cooler than what it should be, and other times it’s more…or spot on. So I continuously have to check the temperature and things are underdone or burnt…time for a new one.

While I’m trying to decide which new oven I want, it’s nice to have some recipes that don’t require a lot of baking. 

This recipe does have you toast the coconut in the oven, but you can eliminate the oven altogether by toasting the coconut in the microwave in 30-second bursts until desired “toastiness”. See both ways to toast in the recipe below.

I’ve never been much of a pie fan, but this is definitely my kind of pie!

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