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elOte nachOs

You’ll have a new relation-chip with nachos after you try this elote version!

This sheet pan dinner is perfect for a weeknight or any night…is super quick and has amazing flavor!
Elote, commonly called Mexican street corn, loaded on top of crispy tortilla chips and smothered in a crema and piled high with cheese. I’d call that the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

I highly recommend using Hacienda’s 313 Urban Chips. I fell in love with them after trying out a local Latin restaurant that served them with guac. They have a toasted corn flavor that adds to the elote experience!

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carne asada tacOs

It’s Taco Tuesday and have I got a taco recipe for you!! My Carne Asada Tacos are full of flavor and super simple with only 1 hour of marinating.

I love tacos but I crave variety and these deliver!! No need for a restaurant reservation, the next time you want a killer taco…just whip this recipe up and you’ll be sure to make it again and again.
It takes just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and no cheese is needed…they are that flavorful.

Paired with my delicious and creamy guacamole recipe the steak is perfect for tacos, nachos, burritos, or even salads.
Dinner is served!

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rOtisserie chicken quesadillas

Cinco de Mayo has never been something that I’ve celebrated however I love Mexican food!

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) designated Mexican cuisine as a cultural treasure right along with French food…and I want to branch out and start learning how to make more traditional Mexican dishes.

I remember when I was younger going over a few of my friends homes for dinner or sleepovers and watching their families make tamales from scratch and a few other dishes…I think of it from time to time- they were so good!

While this recipe isn’t traditional Mexican food it’s still pretty darn good! I don’t fry them in butter or oil, I cook them on a skillet dry which makes them nice and crisp without all the grease. You can pretty much add whatever fillings you want in a quesadilla, this is my favorite though. Give me a bowl of guacamole to dip the wedges like a chip and I’ll go to town!

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brOiled halibut tacOs

My freshman year of high school my family and I moved to Alaska.

We drove for 6 days straight in a tiny white four-door Chevy Blazer with a small U-haul trailer attached to the back containing just the essentials for five people. When we finally got to Anchorage we didn’t have a place to live so we stayed in a tent at a campsite for close to a month. This is probably why I don’t much care to go camping as an adult.

While driving halfway across the globe was not fun sitting crammed in the backseat with 2 of my younger brothers, and going to a new school in such a foreign place trying to find new friends was difficult…we did have some good times and it was an adventure to remember.

My dad loves to hunt and fish, and while I never got into hunting I did like going fishing, especially in Alaska where you don’t have to sit and wait for a fish to bite for hours…you just cast and a few seconds later you catch something…and something big! I remember one year we went on a halibut fishing trip in Homer, Alaska out on the Pacific on a charter boat with another group of guys and I caught one of the biggest halibut that anyone caught on the boat that day. My dad had to help me as I struggled to reel in a 130 lbs halibut that seemed to take forever! I don’t like to eat a lot of fish, mainly if it has a strong fishy taste…but the halibut we caught was perfect. 

Halibut is a boneless, ultra-lean and mild flatfish that is very versatile and tastes different every way you cook it. It is called “Poor Man’s Lobster” because if you boil it and dip it in melted butter it tastes like lobster, deep fry it and it tastes like cod…it takes on all different tastes with every way you cook it. It is a very meaty and filling fish. My favorite way to eat it is blackened and broiled, so I decided to broil the fish and make some tacos with it…give it a try and see what you think! 

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