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spicy blackberry gin sOur

This Spicy Blackberry Gin Sour is refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness and heat!
The jalapeño slices give off a slightly smoky flavor that will heat you up during the cold weather!!

It tastes almost like a spin on a Bramble, which I love, yet has it’s own unique flavor.
And, if you don’t like gin you can switch it up for vodka…
If you don’t have blackberry syrup just throw in a 1/2 ounce of simple syrup and a few more blackberries when muddling the fruit and you will achieve a similar result.

The fun thing about cocktails is that you can really make them your own by switching up some of the ingredients…play around and see what you come up with and share what you create!

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pOlar berry latte

This Polar Berry Latte is a luxurious brew of white chocolate, hazelnuts, and blackberries that’s like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket! I mean, is there anything better than being snuggled up on the couch in a fluffy blanket with a cup of coffee? Maybe a puppy or two on your lap and a good book???

With just the right amount of blackberries to give it a slightly fruity taste but not enough to overpower all the other flavors and the oat milk pairs perfectly with the white chocolate creating something that is one of the best lattes I’ve ever made…or had!
I can confirm that it was a hit with my husband as he sat there with his mug looking at it with a mad scientist look on his face with whipped cream on his lip lol! Give it a try this winter and see if it doesn’t give you warm-fuzzy feelings! Or make you stare crazily into your cup lol!

A cocktail variation of this may be coming around the corner…we’ve already tried a few different liquor combinations that have been absolutely delicious! What liquor would you like to see in a Polar Berry cocktail combo??

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pumpkin patch cOcktail

Forget pumpkin pie, this may be the best way to have pumpkins yet!

A bit of pumpkin butter and some cider mixed in with brandy and orange liquor…the hardest thing about making this drink is trying to limit how many you consume…it’s so dang tasty you might need someone to cut you off!
This is my take on Half Baked Harvest’s Haunted Pumpkin Patch Margarita and I’m in love with it!
I used an apple cider concentrate mixed with water but you can use any apple cider and it would be equally as tasty.

Alternatively, you could make this a mocktail by replacing the brandy with more apple cider and the orange liquor with orange juice.

One last suggestion, with any leftover apple slices I recommend dipping them in the sugar rim that is remaining and having a snack…yummy!

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cherry lOng island iced tea

Amped up with cherry flavor this long island iced tea is the refreshing drink you’ve been looking for this summer!

I’ve always found long island iced teas way too strong so I set out to create one that actually tastes good. And bonus…if you don’t want alcohol in it you can easily omit it with this recipe! Letting the cherries marinade in the tea overnight brings out the fruity notes in the tea but if you don’t have the patience to wait that long you can still enjoy right away and mix up your drink but I highly recommend letting the mixture sit overnight. Either way it’s super delish!

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perfect palOma

Whether it’s a cocktail or a mocktail this drink is so refreshing it may just become your new favorite drink for summer!

With just a few simple ingredients shaken with some ice, you’re left with an incredibly refreshing flavor-packed sip!

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ruby hOt chOcOlate

Ruby chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s Day ingredient…and what better way to enjoy it than hot chocolate?!

Ruby chocolate is slightly fruity and not overly sweet which pairs perfectly with the floral notes of hibiscus tea, and freeze-dried raspberry fruit powder enhances the fruitiness of the chocolate without overpowering it.

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