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maple cream cOOkies

Maple cream cookies have been around since 1892 originating in Ontario, Canada…and of all the things that come to mind when I think of Canada these sweet little bites would be top of the list.

I remember as a child taking family vacations to a cabin by the lake in Quebec and the car ride spent passing around maple cream cookies. Even as a teenager when we moved across the globe to Alaska through Canada…I loved the different little treats you can find throughout the country that are unique. I cannot recall if we did pick up any of the cookies during the voyage to Alaska and back but I know I thought of them as we drove through!

I also have family that originates from Quebec and as an adult I can appreciate my love of these cookies and my heritage of the area I visited as a child. To this day every time I visit Canada whether it’s Niagara Falls or elsewhere I always crave the maple cream cookies. What can I say?? Maple is in my blood…

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tequila lime sugar cOOkies

These tequila lime sugar cookies are like a soft pillowy bite of margarita! Think Lofthouse-style cookies and a classic margarita combined in one…what’s not to love?! And bonus I’ve found a non-alcoholic version of tequila that tastes the exact same!

And for all the non-drinkers, dry January just got a little bit more exciting!! Not to mention New Year’s celebrations!
I happened upon a brand of non-alcohol spirits called CleanCo Clean T that is a UK company that sells tequila, rum, gin, and vodka…so since I don’t really drink I decided to give the tequila a try. I mean…I miss a good mixed drink! And let me tell you it did not disappoint at all! It tastes just like the alcoholic version.
I can’t wait to try the other spirits they offer. Give them a try and get creative, do a little drink mixing and some baking with it and let me know what you create.

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mOcha cinnamOn chOcOlate chip cOOkies

Is there anything better than a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven?? Coffee lovers will go crazy over these mocha cinnamon chocolate chip cookies!
With just a bit of espresso powder that gives a depth of flavor and flaky sea salt for that slight salty bite. They could become your next favorite cookie. Make sure to use chopped chocolate instead of chips though for that ooey-gooey chocolate ribbon when you pull it apart…excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth.

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salted caramel stuffed brOOkies

Have a chocolate brownie craving but don’t want to make a whole pan?? These brookies are your answer! They freeze great so you can make as many or as little as you want and freeze the rest…then when you need that fudgy fix just pop one, two, or six out of the freezer and you’re a quick couple of minutes away from chocolate gooeyness!

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white chOcOlate key lime macadamia nut cOOkies

Spring is right around the corner and I’m having major tropical vibes right now…or I just want to be somewhere tropical. Whatever the case may be, the key lime-infused sugar adds brightness to these cookies that will lift your mood and give you a little taste of paradise.

After a cold winter the 50-degree weather we are having feels like a real heatwave and has me craving sunnier dishes…is that a thing? Sunnier dishes?? lol
And bonus…the lime gives us green for upcoming St. Patrick’s day! While it might not be traditional Irish flavors the green color still counts as being festive, right?! 😉

These cookies were an inspiration of Bravetart’s base chopped chocolate chip cookie recipe zhuzhed up with a bit of lime for an altogether delightful bite!

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