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pOlar berry latte

This Polar Berry Latte is a luxurious brew of white chocolate, hazelnuts, and blackberries that’s like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket! I mean, is there anything better than being snuggled up on the couch in a fluffy blanket with a cup of coffee? Maybe a puppy or two on your lap and a good book???

With just the right amount of blackberries to give it a slightly fruity taste but not enough to overpower all the other flavors and the oat milk pairs perfectly with the white chocolate creating something that is one of the best lattes I’ve ever made…or had!
I can confirm that it was a hit with my husband as he sat there with his mug looking at it with a mad scientist look on his face with whipped cream on his lip lol! Give it a try this winter and see if it doesn’t give you warm-fuzzy feelings! Or make you stare crazily into your cup lol!

A cocktail variation of this may be coming around the corner…we’ve already tried a few different liquor combinations that have been absolutely delicious! What liquor would you like to see in a Polar Berry cocktail combo??

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iced dulce de leche latte with vanilla cOcOnut cream

It might be cold outside and snowy but iced coffee is always in season, right?! I read an article that stated Panera bread is giving away bread bowl gloves to iced coffee drinkers…and it piqued my curiosity, to say the least! I immediately had to read further to see if this was a true bread bowl hot and steamy out of the ovens.

I mean can you imagine seeing someone in the drive-thru being handed a coffee inside of some bread??

The article went on to state that 78% of Americans still drink iced coffee in cold weather, and that Panera wanted to create something to protect the iced coffee drinkers’ hands. The novelty item “Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove is a hand warmer intended to make it look like you have one of Panera‚Äôs famous bread bowls wrapped around your iced coffee holding hands.”
Alas, the glove is not made of crusty dough that you can eat but is made of fabric and can’t be purchased. Apparently, only a select number of customers will be selected to receive the item.

While this recipe does not include a bread bowl glove you can still enjoy it wrapped in a comfy warm blanket or…with a pair of your own gloves of choice. lol

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maple cinnamOn latte

I’ve been welcoming the new year with some warm cozy drinks and this dairy-free Starbucks copycat recipe is coffee house quality! So skip the line, stay home, and make yourself a nice warm frothy mug to sip on. What’s your favorite drink so far this year? Is it an old favorite or something new?

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gingerbread latte

What do you enjoy more, the anticipation on Christmas Eve or the excitement of Christmas morning? Whatever your favorite is you can enjoy it this year with a warm mug of my copycat Starbucks gingerbread latte.

Cuddle up on the couch with your favorite person in front of the fireplace with the lights lit on the tree…add a little bit of extra cheer this year with a cup of happiness because we for sure need it this year!

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dulce de leche cOld brew iced cOffee

Have you made cold brew coffee before? It’s super easy, besides the time it sits in the fridge to steep it takes about 5 minutes. How about using coconut water instead of plain old water?

If you’ve never tried either now is the time and I recommend using coconut water-it gives a bit more depth of flavor.

You can make this recipe using water, and you can steep the coffee grounds for 12 hours at room temperature…however when using coconut water you need to refrigerate it for 24 hours.

Cold brew is a concentrated coffee so you will need to dilute it with equal parts milk or water depending on what type of drink you want…play with flavors to make all kinds of coffee house drinks!

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