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apple pie dOnuts

A delicious cinnamon rolled cider donut topped with warm apple pie filling, buttercream, and don’t forget the slight drizzle of caramel sauce!
It’s like having a cupcake, donut, and slice of apple pie all at once and it’s amazing!

I was inspired to make these after trying them at a bakehouse close to the eye veterinarian where we take our pups. At first bite I knew I had to try to recreate these…

From time to time we have to take our dogs to the eye vet, and it’s a good hour away for us so we usually like to make a trip out of it. On the way, we listen to some true crime podcasts and do a little online reconnaissance of restaurants in the area, plan a takeout dinner, and maybe a little cup of joe from a coffeehouse somewhere in the area. That’s how I found these little babies…they looked so good in the clear container sitting on the dashboard on the way home…it was torture looking at them!

After a couple of test runs, I’ve perfected making them! It takes a little bit of effort but with the help of some apple cider concentrate, they taste legit like you just walked out of a cider mill! Even though there is already snow on the ground I’m not ready for winter and not willing to give up fall yet…well at least not till the day after Thanksgiving!

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trOpical granOla

This tropical granola will take you to the beach without you having to fly or drive anywhere! One bite and you will hear the waves crashing on the sand.

I love granola so I’m always trying to create new flavors to try. I prefer homemade granola over store-bought, and since I’ve been having a really bad yearning to go back to Saint Lucia I thought the next best thing would be to put some tropical flavors together to hold me over until my next trip…whenever that might be. This granola delivers with dried mango, pineapple, and coconut chips…the only thing missing is having actual sand in my toes!

I love it paired with coconut flavored yogurt and fresh mango as a parfait. We ate a lot of fresh mangoes while we were in Saint Lucia and it transports me instantly to having breakfast by the ocean.

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vanilla almOnd granOla

Stuck inside? No need to leave the house to run to the store for granola…make this delicious vanilla almond granola at home with your pantry items!

It’s super easy and you can substitute with any nuts or dried fruits you have in your cupboard. Not to mention how delicious it is-way better than any store-bought!

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chai spice granOla

Is it breakfast or a snack? Have it for both…this granola hits all the fall flavors and colors too…I mean just look at those yellow hues with the apricots and golden raisins! Not to mention the apple chips-it’s fall on a spoon.

I enjoy eating granola plain by the handful, with milk like a bowl of cereal, or layered with yogurt as a parfait (which is especially good).

I gave my husband a container on the way to work thinking he would eat some of it with his yogurt for breakfast and on our break, we could snack on it…well let’s just say he really liked it because he ate it all. No snack that day! lol

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maple cOcOnut granOla

My grandmother holds a very special place in my heart.

Most of my happy memories from childhood involve my grandfather, who recently passed away, and my grandmother in one way or another. I spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s kitchen, especially since we lived right next door. I could walk a mere twenty feet and arrive at her doorstep. Grams is an amazing cook and I learned a lot from her over the years and still treasure sharing recipes with her to this day even though I live a bit farther away now. 

She used to make a homemade granola that she baked in the oven with sunflower seeds, oats, nuts, and raisins that was so simple but incredibly delicious. It’s not a recipe that she still has because it was one that she came up with herself and didn’t write down. I was too young to think of getting the recipe from her at the time but I’ve never forgotten the taste, and I crave it still to this day. Those types of dishes are the best, the ones made out of love that you just create as you go.

Over the years as I got older I’ve tried all different granola that you can buy from the store, recipes with ingredients that are similar to what I remember being in my grandmother’s creation…and not one has come close, until now!

I stumbled upon a recipe from Dang who makes toasted coconut chips that uses coconut oil in the recipe and the taste was so close to what I remember that I made three batches in a row of the granola. The taste reminds me of… sitting at grandma’s house in the plush kitchen chairs that are on wheels that roll away because the floor is uneven, and the table comes to my armpits because I’m so little so I have to sit on my legs to be taller. How my grandma would pour me a bowl of her granola and a splash of milk over the top, and I would eat it from a large spoon and crunch away as I smiled at my grandmother’s sparkling deep brown eyes. That is where this recipe takes me to and I love it!

I don’t know about you but my favorite recipes are the ones that take me back to a beautiful memory.

Give this a try and let me know how you like it! This granola is so versatile, you can eat it alone as a snack, with milk or yogurt for breakfast, on ice cream for dessert, or any other way you can think of. The possibilities are endless, and you can also try it with different dried fruits such as cranberries, blueberries or apricots. Change it up and enjoy making your own memories from it.

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