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the 1776

Party like it’s 1776 with this festive and fruity cocktail!

This layered cocktail captures the essence of summer with its vibrant colors and flavors. The red layer is made with ripe fresh strawberry slices mixed with simple syrup and lemon juice, offering a sweet and tangy start. The white layer, consisting of a coconut water, adds a refreshing and lightly tropical twist. Finally, the blue layer, created with blue gin, brings a botanical finish that’s as refreshing and intriguing.

Fire up the grill, relax and enjoy the fireworks while you savor this festive drink this 4th of July!

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piña margarita

Don’t “tequila” my vibe! This piña margarita will definitely give you some vibes…it’s the perfect combination of a piña colada with the sweetness of coconut and pineapple paired with a salty and tart margarita!

I usually make two shakers of this drink which results in 4 cocktails, my husband and I both get a glass and a nice chilled refill awaits you when you are done enjoying your first drink. I first had this piña margarita at a restaurant and my husband had ordered another drink of his own…he immediately was jealous after taking a sip out of my glass so I knew I had to try to recreate it at home. The results were an immediate success, and I can’t tell you how quickly we went through a bottle of Malibu rum lol.

The fun thing about this drink is that you could really make a ton of different varieties by replacing an ingredient or two and making it your own. You could replace the Malibu rum with a banana liquor, or replace the pineapple juice with mango juice…hmm, where is my notebook to write these ideas down?!

Take life with a grain of salt and a slice of lime!

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elOte nachOs

You’ll have a new relation-chip with nachos after you try this elote version!

This sheet pan dinner is perfect for a weeknight or any night…is super quick and has amazing flavor!
Elote, commonly called Mexican street corn, loaded on top of crispy tortilla chips and smothered in a crema and piled high with cheese. I’d call that the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

I highly recommend using Hacienda’s 313 Urban Chips. I fell in love with them after trying out a local Latin restaurant that served them with guac. They have a toasted corn flavor that adds to the elote experience!

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crispy hOt hOney chicken salad with creamy avOcadO ranch

Crispy chicken tenders breaded with cornflakes and baked then drizzled with hot honey. Tossed together with fresh greens, crumbled feta, cucumbers and herbs dressed with a creamy avocado ranch.

Does anyone else have a New Years resolution to eat healthier? I am a firm believer in “everything in moderation”. So, along with my sweet treats I eat a lot of healthy foods, and I love a good salad. The trick is to make sure they aren’t boring.

With a little inspiration from the Half Baked Harvest’s blog with their Baked Crunchy Hot Honey Chicken , this salad is just in time to start the New Year off right! Since the chicken is baked with a cornflake crust you get that satisfaction of the crispy chicken without the guilt of frying, and they taste amazing!

What other resolutions do you have to start the year off right?

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maple cream cOOkies

Maple cream cookies have been around since 1892 originating in Ontario, Canada…and of all the things that come to mind when I think of Canada these sweet little bites would be top of the list.

I remember as a child taking family vacations to a cabin by the lake in Quebec and the car ride spent passing around maple cream cookies. Even as a teenager when we moved across the globe to Alaska through Canada…I loved the different little treats you can find throughout the country that are unique. I cannot recall if we did pick up any of the cookies during the voyage to Alaska and back but I know I thought of them as we drove through!

I also have family that originates from Quebec and as an adult I can appreciate my love of these cookies and my heritage of the area I visited as a child. To this day every time I visit Canada whether it’s Niagara Falls or elsewhere I always crave the maple cream cookies. What can I say?? Maple is in my blood…

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chOcOlate heath bar cheesecake with irish whiskey dulce de leche sauce

For those of you with a dark side…may I present this chocolate Heath bar cheesecake with Irish whiskey dulce de leche sauce. A luscious chocolate cheesecake infused with coffee liquor and ooh that sauce on top is to die for!! The evil twin to my heath bar cheesecake with a bourbon dulce de leche ribbon.

Both are an experience of their own, and being 6-inches each you can make both and decide if you like the dark side or the light side better.

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